“No matter how slow I go I’m still one step closer to achieving my impossible!”


Welcome to Life Informed Fitness Training (LIFT), a mobile health and fitness coaching service for anyone with a desire to improve their fitness or push their current fitness to the next level. Be that asthmatics like me, weight loss warriors or fitness addicts looking to improve their performance and training knowledge. I’m Rachael, the founder of LIFT and on Saturday 14th July 2018 I achieved my impossible as I ran across the finish line of the Humanity Direct Chiltern Challenge 50K (31 miles) ultramarathon. It took me 9 hours, 40 minutes, several cuts and grazes, a rollercoaster of emotions, and completely blown out quads but I knew that my impossible had become possible!


But wait, let us go back a bit and explain how I reached this point. As a child struggling to breathe was normal. Doctors predicted I would grow out of my asthma. I didn’t. At 15 I was hospitalised with bilateral pneumonia. At 25, following a stay in intensive care, I was told I had lung damage and strenuous activities would be difficult if not impossible. I have never responded well to being told I can’t do something. At the time I was working in immunological research so applied my skills to find out what was known about training protocols for asthmatics – not much! It took me 25 years to learn how to gain control of my asthma and now I dedicate my time to coaching anyone with a barrier to fitness to do the same. Rest assured, with my programme it won’t take you as long!

LIFT is a bespoke, exercise programming and personal coaching service specialising in transforming the lives of clients who have tried and failed with other fitness programmes. As a registered member of the Chartered Institute For The Management Of Sport And Physical Activity (CIMSPA), you can rest assured that my qualifications have been verified. I am proud to show clients my certificates so don’t feel embarrassed to ask, I do when I’m hiring a personal trainer/coach!

Throughout my recovery, my scientific training and education (Honours Degree In Medical Microbiology) provided me with the certainty that exercise would be vital to return my biological systems to health but the last place I wanted to be was in a commercial gym where everyone could see my struggles. Through the application of my knowledge, I developed a holistic home training programme based on the 4 principles of bespoke cardiovascular training, bespoke resistance training, a nutrient dense diet, and resilience. I was able to achieve my impossible using a kettlebell, a suspension trainer, my own body weight and (in good weather) the great outdoors so I know I can help you do the same.

Working from the foundation of developing efficient movement patterns I will help you build the stamina, strength, and skills to achieve your goals. Whether that be training to improve your ability to complete daily activities, running your first mile or something bigger I have the personal experience, knowledge, understanding, and commitment to help you make your impossible possible.

My experience of living with asthma and my fitness journey has shown me that the current trend for high-intensity training is not the best method for everyone. My lungs were unable to cope with this style of training, it just wasn’t sustainable. I achieved my impossible because my exercise programme was tailored to my physiological needs so I was able to progress my fitness whilst avoid the all too common exercise burnout. If you have tried and failed to achieve your fitness goals, are asthmatic and have found that other personal trainers you have worked with just don’t understand or you just want a sustainable route to a fitter life then please, get in touch! 

LIFT coaching programmes center around a movement based approach to physical activity. Just as the foundations of a house are integral to its structural stability so too are correct skeletal movement patterns and the ability to coordinate muscle recruitment to bring about those movements. The more efficiently you move the less energy is wasted and the easier life and physical activity become. We all struggle with different mobility issues that affect our movement patterns so your exercise programme will be based around techniques tailored to improve your mobility whilst developing cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance to help you make your impossible possible.