Before working with new clients I offer a free consultation (either in person or via the telephone) to allow you to explain your fitness goals and any concerns you may have. I welcome questions so don’t be afraid to ask!

The first session for all coaching programmes will involve physiological and functional movement assessments. These assessments provide a fitness baseline and are necessary to allow the development of a bespoke training programme that improves your nutrition, mobility, any pre-existing muscular imbalances and develops your fitness to help you achieve your impossible. LIFT specialises in functional training in a home/outdoor environment. If Marines can train using nothing more than a strap and their own body weight so can you!

The coaching programmes listed below give you an idea of common options but, as with everything else at LIFT, I can create a bespoke option just for you. Please contact me, using the link below, if you require something different from your coaching programme.

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Beginners Endurance Running – £10 per person per session

This is a great option if you would like to try outdoor running or have the goal of running your first 5K. I am happy to accommodate small groups so why not bring a friend. I will teach you how to advance your running whilst avoiding those nagging joint pains that so often plague people’s running experience.


Single Personal Training Sessions – £40 per session

This is a great option if you want to try at home personal training. I can offer kettlebell training, suspension training, core training, and circuit training sessions.


Bespoke 6 week Comprehensive Coaching Programme – a one-off payment of £300 or weekly payments of £50

With this package, you will receive a 6-week bespoke training programme designed around your personal training goals with ten personal training sessions. A functional movement screen is used to identify any movement imbalances or muscular weakness and design your bespoke programme. The training programme provides instruction on correct technique, appropriate exercise progression, and nutritional advice to achieve your personal fitness goals so that you have the tools to independently continue your fitness journey at the end of the 6 weeks. Upon completion of the programme a 1:1 progress assessment will be used to give advice on how to continue your training independently with the knowledge and skills, you have acquired. You will be able to schedule your 10 personal training sessions at a point of your choosing within the 6-week bespoke, training programme timespan (subject to personal trainer availability). This is a great option if you know you will benefit from additional motivation and support. You will receive email/telephone support outside of your 10 personal training sessions and have the option to request additional personal training sessions (at a reduced cost of £25 per session, subject to personal trainer availability).


Online Nutritional Coaching Only – £25 per session

Not sure what a macro and micronutrient are? Let alone how much of them you should be eating. With a few simple measurements and a week of food tracking, I can teach you how to build a nutrient dense diet that will have you living your best life!


LIFT Medical Referral Coaching Programme – COMING Autumn 2019