So the first week of 2019 is complete. Statistica recently published the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2019.

1: Diet or eat better – 71%

2: Exercise more – 64%

3: Lose weight – 54%

4: Save more and spend less – 32%

5: Learn a new skill or hobby – 26%

6: Quit smoking – 21%

7: Read more – 17%

8: Find another job – 16%

9: Drink less alcohol – 15%

10: Spend more time with family and friends – 13%

So why is this interesting? Would you believe that in 2018 the top 2 resolutions were the same? (You can check this out at Statistica) Which leads us to an important question. If we were achieving our health and fitness goals would these resolutions consistently remain in the top 2?

The fitness opportunities open to us are endless. I find my online life bombarded with adverts for gym subscriptions, exercises for a bigger booty, six-pack abs, leg day, chest day, fabulous leggings … need I go on.

So why does all this marketing leave me unenthralled? Because it’s targeted advertising to hit those New Year resolution makers, that doesn’t address the key point. When we want to make a change in our life it’s because we are unhappy with that aspect of our life. So it follows that to successfully meet fitness goals one needs to gain an aspect of happiness from the chosen activity.

When you are trying to work out which activity you should do to meet your New Year exercise resolution, I urge you to use the free gym day passes, try many different classes but keep 1 question in mind. Is this making me feel happy, strong and confident that I will achieve my impossible?


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